MoxieCast 004: The Mental Workout Behind the Physical One, with Charlene Hutsebaut



Behind every physical workout is a mental workout. Are you using the ‘go hard, or go home’ approach? What if there was a gentler way to prime yourself for wellbeing that actually worked and felt way better?

So you ate cake.  Or A cake.  Now you stare at yourself in the mirror, disgusted, and tell yourself you need to spend 3 hours on the treadmill working it off, you pig.

Being mean to ourselves can be motivating, but honestly, there’s got to be a better way.

The mental prep we do for exercise – how we see ourselves, how we motivate ourselves, how we’re in relationship with our bodies – spills over into how we show up in life.  We pound ourselves at work. Then we pound ourselves at the gym (or do the opposite, which might involve a sofa, a spoon, and a jar of Nutella).

We don’t listen to our bodies. Instead we often expect too much, push ourselves and then beat ourselves up for our perceived failures.

If you’re a self-beater-upper and you’re sick of it, today’s episode is for YOU.

I’m in conversation with Charlene Hutsebaut, a wellness mentor, writer, speaker, and one of the Top 10 Global Finalists in the Personal Trainers to Watch 2015.

We jam on:

  • The importance of self-talk in our self-image 
  • How Post-it notes can help (I do love a Post-it)…
  • How to handle bad days
  • How to go from “Problem-centric thinking” to a “Relentless solution focus”
  • Tips for being more active during the workday
  • The link to my favourite quick pilates workout you can do at home (the back stretch is heaven!)

Join us!

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Links and Resources:

Charlene’s website




Charlene’s Vimeo channel

Small ball workout on Vimeo

Small balls on Physical Company

Small balls on Amazon

Executive Toughness by Dr. Jason Selk

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