Moxiecast 005: How to Be a Curiosity Ninja with John-Paul Flintoff



Curiosity is an antidote to the fear that can shut us down.

As adults, we hesitate to do things that might make us look silly. What will people think?  We play it safe; take less chances; get a little more beige and predictable year by year.

If that’s as depressing for you as it feels for me, curiosity can help.  A strong sense of curiosity makes life more fun, helps us develop self-trust, helps us feel more alive, and allows us to proceed through life with less judgement. Developing your sense of curiosity might change your life and the way you feel about yourself.

Today’s guest is curiosity-ninja John-Paul Flintoff. He is a writer, performer, coach, journalist, and author. He’s also been a window cleaner, a rat catcher, and a taxi driver, to name just a few of his recent endeavors. He’s also written several books, including How to Change the World and What If the Queen should Die?

Here are some of the topics you’ll hear about on today’s episode:

  • Why John-Paul believes he is curious and how it contributes to his bravery.
  • How result apathy (enjoying the process rather than being focused on the outcome) allows curiosity to take hold.
  • John-Paul’s journey into improv and how it has impacted his curiosity.
  • Tips on how to get over your own self-judgement and ask others for help.
  • How to overcome the tendency to judge others in our quest to become more curious.
  • Concrete suggestions of things to try as you integrate curiosity into your daily life.

Links and Resources:

John-Paul’s website

The School of Life

John-Paul on Twitter

How to Change the World

What If the Queen Should Die?

Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre

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