MoxieCast 007: How Motivation Happens. Mark McGuinness on Mojo, Resilience & Techno-dancing


Motivation is the holy grail of working states. We crave it; covet it. And when it’s there, that thing you want to do feels entirely doable.  Motivation is a state of creative grace.
When it’s gone, things limp along, and we push our lives and projects uphill, waiting for this state of grace to hit us again…
Today I jam with Mark McGuinness on how we can manufacture more motivation, rather than waiting for it to strike.
Did you read that guys, “manufacture” motivation?
Don’t be the mug that waits (with a divining rod) for mojo to strike.
Mark tells us about:
  • How to create long-term motivation
  • The boring, but fundamental underpinning of motivation (this is usually the missing link for those with lagging mojo)
  • How a motivation expert deals with his own flagging mojo
  • How to stop taking criticism so darn personally
  • Real, actionable tools you can try immediately
Who is Mark McGuinness?
Mark is a coach, motivation expert, poet and author. He has recently written Motivation for Creative People and Resilience: Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success. In addition, Mark’s work has been featured in Vogue US, the Wall Street Journal and on The Discovery Channel.

Links and Resources:

Mark’s Poetry

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Falling Awake poems by Alice Oswald

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