MoxieCast 010: Spiritual Tapas with Allison Crow


I was really hoping that there was going to be a neat, tidy system for getting more comfortable in our own skin, something Marie Kondo-ish: throw this bit out, compartmentalise that, and Ta-Da!

Spoiler alert: there is no system.

Ok, so I had actually figured that out on my own, but I thought wild artist, intuitive life & business coach, and magical unicorn, Allison Crow, might, just might, have a system.  It was worth a shot, right?

I don’t know anyone more comfortable in their own skin than Allison – except maybe my nine year old daughter, who just took a series of selfies on my iPhone, dancing on the kitchen table (that’s my girl).  I asked Allison to talk about her metaphorical striptease – her journey of shedding layer after layer of perfectionitis, and being led by how she was “supposed to” look, work and live in the world.

I came to our conversation with so many questions:  How did you let go of all the performing and the pretending?  How did you just surrender all the BS and be yourself?  And how do you ‘do’ surrendering, and letting go?  Any tips? (The achiever in me really wanted to know.  And yes, I do see the humour and irony in my line of questioning.  Bless.).

This lovingly-made episode is the result of my deep curiosity and Allison’s straight-talking wisdom. It is not linear and there is nothing compartmentalised about it. There is no 3-step plan.

Allison talks about…

  • How she lets go of over-identifying with achievement and shiny objects
  • How she handles her fears that people will “un-choose” her if she is her real, wild self
  • Her ongoing conversation with her inner whisper, and what ‘surrendering’ means for her
  • Her ‘to feel’ list and other practices to try

I am so excited to share this nourishing, soulful and VERY ADULT conversation with you.  Join us.


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