MoxieCast 012: Handling Anxiety with Chloe Brotheridge

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Anxiety. It’s part of our daily lives.

Maybe you’re up at 3am, tired but wired, stressing about your to-do list.

Or maybe you’ve spent all week worrying about your big presentation, scared of flubbing it up.

Or perhaps you’re micromanaging your kids’ choices, big and small, lest they screw up and fail.

It could even be small, seemingly innocuous stuff – swiping through Instagram and seeing all those perfect abs and refrigerator contents, stocked full of edible flowers and other exotic garnishes. It can make us feel that our own comfy tummies and drab meals are kinda dull in comparison.

So what can we do?

I’ve got Chloe Brotheridge on the show today. She’s a hypnotherapist, anxiety expert, and author of The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, a Calmer You. She has featured in Glamour, Women’s Health, Huffington Post, and elsewhere.

Here’s a few highlights from our conversation:

  • Why you can get used to being on “high alert” (and why it can feel hard to relax)
  • Chloe’s own experience with anxiety
  • Tips on handling overwhelm – and why breaks are critical
  • How to handle the fear of failure
  • Why your kids need to make mistakes
  • And why you might need to ‘unfollow’ some accounts on social media

Please enjoy my conversation with Chloe Brotheridge.



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The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, a Calmer You

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Some of my favourite quotes from the episode:

“Most people get very used to being in a high-anxiety state.”

“We are only able to do one thing at a time, and there’s only one thing we need to do in one moment…Focus on the task at hand.”

“Our unconscious minds want to close the loops and answer questions.”