MoxieCast 015: Win at Self-Care & Willpower, with Suzy Reading


Porridge with berries for breakfast.

Steamed veg with brown rice for lunch.

Pint of Oreo ice cream before bed, with a bag of Doritos on the side, washed down with Prosecco.

We laugh. Knowing laugher, perhaps.

This episode is not about eating more greens, or drinking less bubbly (at least not directly).

It’s about willpower and habit formation when it comes to self-care.

We know, more or less, what we need to do to feel nourished and vibrant and strong. But when we get busy – and we always get busy – all those energy and humour-sustaining practices vanish faster than a pizza in front of my teenaged son.

We crash, and then, little by little, rejuvenate ourselves with those very self-care practices that kept us going in the first place.

Sound familiar?

People who are winning at life don’t roll this way. Instead, they place self-care firmly in the centre of their lives. It’s non-negotiable.

They make large, regular deposits into their energy bank, and by doing this, they anticipate those stressful times that throw others off course.

Self-care (and minding our willpower) therefore, isn’t a fluffy, indulgent thing, but a core tenet of thriving.

If you’re nodding, Suzy Reading is here to help.

Suzy is a psychologist who specializes in well-being, stress management and self care. She’s also a writer for Psychologies magazine and the psychology expert for Neom Organics.

Some show highlights:

  • The critical difference between saying, “I can’t” and “I don’t”
  • The Willpower Gap – knowing about this is a game-changer
  • How to soothe your nervous system (including a tip from Homer Simpson)
  • Building up a tool kit, including Primer Statements (WOW, just wow!) *before* the shiitake hits the fan
  • Advice for “hard-a-holics”

Please enjoy my conversation with the sunny and relatable, Suzy Reading.



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“When you say “I can’t,” it feels foisted upon you. When you say “I don’t,” it comes from a place of active choosing.”


“When we’re in a place of energetic abundance, we interpret life differently… stress rolls off your shoulders more effectively.”


“Willpower is not a muscle that gets stronger with use. It’s a finite resource. the more you drain it, the less you have over the course of a day.”


“It’s important to acknowledge that in different moments, we need different things.”