MoxieCast 016: The Power of Our Stories, with Heidi Taylor


You have a story.

Stories, actually – as in multiple.

Think of your stories as a patchwork blanket that your nan crocheted for you. All the bits work together to create something larger and more lovely.

But how do we actually identify and tell those stories that are locked up in your inner Fort Knox?

Ladies and germs, meet Heidi Taylor.

Heidi’s a sales coach, a story whisperer and an introvert. She’s also the owner of a rather artsy head-o-hair.

In her business Heidi helps people to craft and tell their stories, whether they’re looking to do more business on Instagram, or to learn the art of cocktail party conversation. If you’ve ever stood by the canapés, feeling hash-tag awkward, you won’t want to miss this episode.

We jam on:

  • The role of Heidi’s hair (yep, it has a role)
  • How she’s woven failure into her story, and how that creates connection
  • Resources she uses to draw out someone’s strengths (I think of it as story food)
  • How Heidi truffles for topics and strengths for her clients (loads of ideas and tips for you to try)

Please join my chin wag with the one and only Heidi Taylor.



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A few of Heidi’s wisdom nuggets:

“To be able to tell your story well, you need a partner. You need someone to listen for the things you think are totally normal.”

“When we watch movies, the most compelling stories are the underdogs and the things that happen that make us wonder how the person will climb out of the hole.”

“The no-no is seeing someone else in your industry who is doing social media a certain way and trying to be them.”