MoxieCast 018: Courage, Transition and Mission, with James Butler

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A few days after I released this episode, my guest James Butler died suddenly at the age of 28 of a suspected aneurysm.

I was – am – heartbroken to lose a friend and fellow coach who had such an impact on me, and on so many others.

His fiancee Leighann has invited people to continue James’s mission of living fully and on purpose: Be brave with your life. Matter. Make a difference.

It is in this spirit – as a tribute to a hero, friend and inspiration – that I invite you to listen to the following episode.


Before he became a coach, James was a warrior. The Canadian Government spent more than a million dollars on his training.

James was an Afghanistan veteran, and a military diver in an elite unit that took only a handful of applicants.


In the episode, we discuss how James’s military career was cut short after a catastrophic lung collapse during a dive. He woke up eight days later (and several kilograms lighter) with his body full of tubes, and a life that would never be the same.


James talks about how he handled the ‘now what?’ after his career in the military ended.

I often said to James that he was incredibly wise at his young age, sagely almost. He was grounded. Humble. He owned his self-proclaimed short-comings. He was a man constantly leaning into his edge.

Some highlights of our conversation include:

How can you create real power and identity, independent of your job and status?

How can you cultivate true success – not just the trappings of success?

And how can you feel content being a super human after you’ve been super-human?

Please enjoy this powerful conversation with James Butler. Then I invite you to live your big, beautiful life…



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Quotes by James:

“I wasn’t looking for success, I was looking for an unshakeable identity that I would create.”

“The only way you can be powerful is by being the most whole you.”

“One of the easiest ways to power up is to go backwards and clean up all of the messes from the past.”

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