MoxieCast 025: Finding More Joy & Purpose, with Jeff Harmon

MoxieCast 25 Finding More Joy and Purpose, with Jeff Harmon

If you’ve ever grappled with the angst-producing question, “Is this all there is?”, today’s episode is for you.

We’re connected 24-7, yet we crave intimacy and true connection in our bellies. Am I right?

We’ve learned to value productivity (and accessibility) over the soul-satisfaction of doing work that makes us feel alive.

If you’re nodding “uh-huh,” I’ve been there too. I feel you.

The challenge of asking ‘Is this all there is?’ is the icky feeling of ingratitude. We have SO much – an embarrassment of riches, really. It’s almost shameful to feel empty.

So how can we bring more purpose and joy into our lives?

Many of us want more, but we can’t (or don’t want to) uproot our lives, grow a beard and move to the Himalayas. If that happens to be your thing, bon voyage! Send us a postcard, superstar!

If that’s not your shtick, what are some other options?

Enter Jeff.

Jeff Harmon is founder and head coach at Brilliance Within Coaching and Consulting.

He shares on how to infuse your daily life with more feel-good.

We touch on:

  • How to create space when things are moving too fast
  • How to infuse joy into things you already do (it’s not about doing more)
  • The 7-day “listen more” challenge
  • Using powerful questions to interrupt your patterns

I characterise this episode as quick ‘n’ deep. Lots to chew on. Lots to try.

Grab your cuppa and join us.


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Questions to interrupt your patterns:

What makes me feel alive?

What’s most important right now?

What life-giving habit or practice can I add to my life?

What’s the tiniest step I could take?