MoxieCast 027: Come Home To Go Big, with Kendra Cunov

MoxieCast Episode 27


You know that old chestnut, “Go big or go home”? There’s an implication that it looks a certain way to go BIG.

It’s usually shiny and far-reaching. There’s loads of travel and champagne involved.

Big success is seductive. So seductive, that we often we leave parts of ourselves (the creative part, for instance, or sometimes the kind part) in order to pursue it.

Yet here’s the bonkers thing: Do you even want that? Do you know what success means for YOU?

Today’s episode is about how we can stop leaving ourselves.

How do we start listening to that deep inner whisper that wants to make us whole again, especially if it’s whispering something that feels inconvenient? (Like ‘quit your job’).

Today’s guest is Kendra Cunov, founder of Fierce Grace: Practices of Embodied Wholeness for Women. Kendra studies, facilitates, and practices authentic relating, embodiment practices, and deep intimacy work.


Some highlights of our conversation include:

  • How to get back into integrity
  • The link between adrenal fatigue and leaving ourselves
  • Why we don’t listen to our body wisdom
  • Practical tips on tuning into your inner knowing again
  • The “I want” practice – how repetition ‘clears out the pipes’ and allows the Truth to come out
  • A phrase that makes you available to this moment

This conversation is like a deep, soft exhale.

Join us.


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Quotes by Kendra Cunov:


“I had a really unconventional life. One of my values is in bringing the conventional and the unconventional together.”


“Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do…but I choose that because there’s a value that I’m honoring underneath that.”


“We use the word, ‘stress,’ as a catch-all for a lot of things.”