MoxieCast 028: Stepping Into Our Greatness, with Sarah McVanel


MoxieCast Episode 28

Social media is full of memes encouraging us to “be ourselves,” and to “be authentic.”

Least helpful advice ever.

How do we do that? What does it even mean?

Enter Sarah McVanel, today’s guest.

Sarah had a wake-up call when her young son had a mental health crisis and ended up on antidepressants. She left her job and simplified the family’s lifestyle to focus on her son’s recovery. This challenge helped to crystallise Sarah’s own greatness, and a new career was born…

Nowadays, Sarah helps others to recognise and grow their greatness by FROGGING them. Stay with me…

It can be hard to see our own zone of genius, or how compelling our quirks and idiosyncrasies really are (so often we try hard to hide the very things that make us special and unique.)

One of Sarah’s methods is to “Forever Recognise  Others’ Greatness.” You can start using FROG too. It’s surprisingly uplifting. 

Show highlights include:

  • The difference between wanting and deciding
  • How choice is an antidote to passive living
  • Afraid to fail (or succeed)? Both are perfect recipes for inaction…
  • Embracing your ‘weirdness’ and idiosyncrasies
  • How recognising the greatness in others helps you see your rad-ness

Join us. I felt so good after this conversation. I hope you will too.


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Quotes by Sarah McVanel:


“That’s part of the hero’s journey. We can be our own hero if we choose to be.”


“Being ‘boss’ is really your own version of your own greatness.”


“My greatness is worth it. What I have to offer, I actually am unique and special and weird and different – and that’s a good thing.”


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