MoxieCast 032: Taming your Mind Monsters, with Hazel Gale

MoxieCast Episode 32

You can’t achieve your way to self worth.

You can’t force the squinchy part of yourself into submission – the part that feels weak and less-than and shameful.

You can’t exercise it into oblivion, or smother it with success or any other form of doing.

You can’t hide it behind shiny things. Not for long, anyway.

It’s an inside job.

Ask Hazel Gale.

She’s a former world and national champion in kick boxing and boxing respectively, who drove herself to breaking point, ignoring the physical signs that she was burning out. She numbed her fears of weakness and not-enoughness with punishing workouts.

Her body had other plans, but Hazel didn’t want to listen. It was a fight she couldn’t win.

“I had to crash,” she says. “You can’t wage war on yourself and emerge victorious.”

Burnt-out and unrecognisable to herself, Hazel met her most formidable opponent yet, her fear of weakness.

Hazel shares how she let go of old coping mechanisms, and how she befriended her “Mind Monster,” the part of herself that she’d thrashed against for decades.

Now, as an author and cognitive hypnotherapist, she’s made a movement of it – the Mind Monster movement. She shares how you can leave behind your own pre-patterned behaviours that no longer serve you.

We talk about:

  • How Hazel found “a language” in fighting that perfectly told the story she wanted to express – that she was strong and worthwhile and dominant
  • How working more, harder and faster to be good enough worked against her
  • How “Monsters” show up in our lives. What story does yours tell over and over?
  • How to move from “Magical Thinking” to “Trans-Systemic Thinking”
  • The two traits of trans-systemic thinkers
  • Why your fatigue is a symptom of your dishonesty

If you’re ready to relate to yourself differently, join us.

Thanks for tuning in. I’m so glad you’re here.


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Quotes by Hazel Gale:


“I had a sense that I deserved to win the fight.”


“All of that self-doubt and shame that had preceded this moment had been false. From that point on, my life changed.”


“Our bodies can’t speak to us in any other way than to create symptoms.”