MoxieCast 035: The Brick Wall of Burnout, with Susi Hately

MoxieCast Episode 35

Today we’re talking adrenal fatigue and burnout with Susi Hately, yoga teacher, burnout expert, and registered kinesiologist.

Though she’s knowledgeable and friendly, she says her burnout clients don’t seek her out willingly. In fact, she’s often a last resort.

Many of her clients are driven, successful people in their 40s and 50s who have hit the wall.

They’ve pushed through symptoms like brain fog, non-restorative sleep, digestive issues and constant exhaustion.

They’ve come because they’ve tried all the usual crutches – more caffeine, more exercise, more carbs – and nothing works.

In this conversation, Susi talks to those of us high-achievers who have a tendency to deny our symptoms, or who want to get rid of them. Instead, she encourages us to listen to those symptoms. They’re messengers attempting to communicate vital information.

What I love about this conversation is that Susi helps us to start thinking about what would be possible for us if we worked WITH the body and listened to the messengers. What would be possible then?

I love, too, that she points out that falling back into old patterns of over-doing is part of the healing (whew). Ironically, me publishing this particular episode was delayed due to me having a relapse into adrenal fatigue. Healing is a long game! I’m going to re-tune into this episode too!

Some show highlights:

  • What is burnout anyway?
  • Is there a pattern to what kind of person gets burnout? 
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Listening to your body’s whispers means it won’t have to scream
  • Overcoming the unhelpful mentality of no pain, no gain
  • How to change a hard-core mindset to allow healing and change

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Quotes by Susi Hately:


“They’re utilizing their best traits in a way that’s pushing against themselves, and in a way that’s ignoring the symptoms that are actually trying to get their attention.”


“It works, and it works, and it works, until it doesn’t work anymore. They might try and add in all these extra external, superficial stimulants.”


“We just keep adding crutches to an already depleted system.”


“When you see a glimmer, recognize that things can change.”