MoxieCast 036: The Wolf Connection, with Teo Alfero

MoxieCast Episode 36

Wolves don’t go around worrying about how many wolf things they got done today.

They’re into being, not doing. They’re not over-identified with their output.

They also don’t cling to old hurts forever. They remember, but they move on.

For these and other reasons, wolves are brilliant teachers for humankind. And if we want to continue as a sustainable civilisation, we urgently need their help, says today’s guest.

Teo Alfero is an author, spiritual teacher and owner of Wolf Connection, an educational sanctuary and wilderness retreat centre in California.

His fascinating new book The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Teo never intended to be ‘the wolf man.’ The wolves, he says, chose him. 

It started with Tala, the little wolf-dog pictured below, who opened Teo’s heart. Teo went on to rescue a pack of 16 more wolf-dogs, before making the wolf-human connection his life’s purpose.


Today’s episode is about what we, as a civilisation, can learn from these four-legged teachers.

Some show highlights include:

  • How wolves may have helped humans to avoid extinction
  • How we can “re-wild” ourselves (and why it matters)
  • What it means to lead with the heart
  • A few of Teo’s “howls to action” – ways we can learn from wolves in our day-to-day lives
  • How Beau (pictured below) let go of past trauma – and how we can too
  • What three-legged Annie (below) can teach us about resilience

Join us for this transformational, feel-good episode. I’ve never recorded anything like this…


Annie Annie


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Quotes by Teo Alfero:

“Today, the wolf is a teacher of family values, altruism, integrity, and camaraderie.”

“Initially, the wolf was a teacher of survival. They taught us how to hunt…migrate…take care of our young in a more community-based environment and setting.”

“The wolves have helped us evolve and survive a few times. I believe they can help us again. Right now, humanity is at a stage of confusion.”

“For me, the heart is already wild.”

9-2-a-Beau-solo-photo-cred-Wildside-Galleries Beau