MoxieCast 037: Work Re-Boot with Harriet Minter

MoxieCast Episode 37



I first met Harriet Minter when she was giving a talk at the Festival of Doers this summer. One of her lines stuck with me as she described her career path:

“Proceed until apprehended.”

I knew straightaway that I wanted her on the podcast.

Harriet is a woman who understands that if you want something, no one is coming to present the object (person/job/opportunity) to you on a silver platter.

There’s no Harry Potter wand involved, no booming Charlton Heston voice from the clouds permissioning you to go for it.

You proceed until apprehended.

Life lesson right there.

I’m excited for you to meet Harriet, who has been a journalist for nearly fifteen years (six of those at the Guardian). As a freelance journalist she has written for The Times, The Telegraph and The Sunday Times, as well as many leading magazines.

She’s the host of the award-winning Badass Women’s Hour and regularly appears on the BBC and Sky News as a commentator.

Oh and she’s also a qualified coach and facilitator.

In today’s episode Harriet shares three key pieces of work wisdom that she’s gleaned from extraordinary leaders, including Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington.

  • How Sheryl Sandberg gets so much done, and how you can try this particular tip
  • How Arianna Huffington gets people so deeply engaged, and how you can too
  • Why you should be saying YES more of the time

Grab your cuppa and join us. Your career will thank you.




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Quotes by Harriet Minter:


“I’ll just do it. If it’s not ok, somebody will tell me.”


“If you don’t want to do something, don’t say ‘yes’ to it. Just say, ‘no’.”


“Whatever you are doing, it’s always just one moment in your life. You’ll get another one in another moment.”


“Time expands. The slower we take life, the more time we have.”