MoxieCast 039: Soulbbatical, with Shelley Paxton

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“Is this all there is?”

Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question after achieving something – a promotion, a degree, a level of success – that you were convinced would fulfil you.

And when you get there, it feels kinda meh, empty even.

Then there’s the guilt about how you’re feeling, when, to the outside world, you’ve MADE IT, baby.

It’s depressing, yet alienating (I mean who’d complain at having your embarrassment of riches, hey?) So you shut up, and suck it up.

That’s what makes it the head screw of all head screws.

Meet today’s guest, Shelley Paxton, former chief marketing officer of the badass brand, Harley-Davidson.

She rode choppers in some of the coolest places on the planet; had a swoon-worthy wardrobe; had people hanging on her every word.

I knew her back then. She seemed like one powerful mofo, a woman with her life together.

The reality? Shelley was holding on by her manicured fingernails, numbing nightly with food and a bottle of wine. She felt empty and full of self-loathing, unsure how she could go on like this. She had recurring nightmares for months. To say she was ‘burnt out’ was putting it mildly.

“My soul was feeling neglected. It wanted to be acknowledged and loved and nurtured and fed. Instead, it was shrivelling up and dying.”

In today’s episode, Shelley shares how she became the Chief Soul Officer of her own life (I love that phrase!)

She created the Soulbbatical, a new way of being that listened to the knowing that was trying to bubble up from within, instead of tamping it down with food and booze and pretending.

Show highlights include:

  • What is a Soulbattical? She wrote a book about it!
  • Finding yourself doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your job
  • Are you a Ninja of Numbing?
  • 10 Commandments to being a Chief Soul Officer:
    • Don’t ask for permission, give it to yourself
    • Authenticity is truest form of rebellion
    • Courage over comfort
    • Impact over ego; ask for help
    • Self-first is not selfish (self-worth trumps net worth)
    • Release the Shackles of Should
    • Look inward
    • Values over validation
    • Are you Soulccessful?
    • Be a soul ambassador in every aspect of your life to spark a movement


Grab your cuppa and join us. Your soul will thank you!



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Quotes by Shelley Paxton:

“Soulbbatical is about creating a life that’s more authentic, more courageous, and more on purpose.”

“I’m on a mission to liberate a billion souls.”

“Soulbbatical is about rebelling for who we are and what we want for our best life, for our fulfillment, for our own unique path forward.”

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