MoxieCast 043: How to Lead From Behind, with Kelly Wendorf

As the world grapples with Covid-19, deep presence and the ability to create a sense of calm and groundedness feel more important than ever in leadership.

I’m not just talking about VIP’s in the business world. I’m talking about self-leadership too.

Today’s guest says a leader is someone entrusted with holding the heart of an endeavour or a family. It’s someone who inspires us “to hold each other well.” (I mean, how beautiful is that?)

Kelly Wendorf is a coach, mother, spiritual mentor and founding partner of Equus, an 11-acre experiential learning & discovery campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Horses are co-facilitators in their work at the ranch, and much of Kelly’s wisdom on leadership has emerged from her life-long observations of the horse herd, a 56-million-year-old system.

Kelly’s also the author of the forthcoming book, Flying Lead Change, published by Sounds True this autumn.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What it means to lead from behind 
  • Leadership the equine way – tapping into the wisdom of the horse herd
  • Qualities to base your own leadership on
  • What if I don’t see myself as charismatic, or having any X-factor? How can I lead?
  • How checking in with your body can change how you plan your diary (and your life)

Join us (and alpha horse, Artemis).









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Flying Lead Change 

Getting Ahead by Leading From Behind

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Quotes by Kelly Wendorf:


“I love to create conditions for people to have transformative experiences and change their lives.”


“The qualities I trust and I look for, both in myself and in those who I trust to lead, are curiosity, vulnerability, porousness.”


“These are qualities that are much more powerful because they draw people in.”


“Be deeply present with what is—our feelings, who we are, our circumstances. That is a powerful spiritual practice.”