MoxieCast 45: Three Ways to Handle a Bosshole, with Parissa Behnia

Because duct tape isn’t an option…I’ve created an episode to help you handle a challenging boss.

Today’s guest is Parissa Behnia, formerly a challenging boss herself, who now specialises in working with what she calls 3D leaders (difficult, dismissive and divisive).

She shares three strategies for you to try next time you’re about to lose your shiitake at work.


  • Why labels and name calling can strain communication (okay, okay…begrudgingly letting go of the term ‘bosshole’)
  • How empathy can be a game-changer
  • How having a few key interventions in your back pocket can shift a tense moment

Grab your cuppa and join us.



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The Asshole Survival Guide by Robert Sutton

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Quotes by Parissa Behnia:


“A 3D leader is difficult, dismissive, divisive. They are high-value, high performers, have high positions in an organization, but because of being that 3D leader, they are starting to diminish their value.”

“Empathy means that we are looking to find out what is driving the behavior of these 3D leaders.”

“In times of stress, the dark sides of our personalities always come out. But it’s also sometimes the dark sides that help us be super productive and get the results that we’re looking for.”