MoxieCast 46: Shifting Sucky Beliefs, with David Taylor-Klaus

This is the final episode of MoxieCast! (sniff, sniff).

I’m closing out this series of nourishing, soulful conversations with David Taylor-Klaus, coach and author of Mindset Mondays: 52 Ways to REWIRE Your Thinking and Transform Your Life.

I have something new in the hopper! Please stay subscribed and watch this space!

On today’s episode, David and I talk about some really practical ways to:

Shift our beliefs to fulfil our potential;

approach problem solving in a juicy new way;

and how we can quit being hardholics, already. Not everything has to be difficult to be worthwhile.

Some of my favourite bits of the show include:

  • Paranoia vs. Proanoia (say what?)
  • How to shift the sucky belief that if success is easeful, the outcome can’t be any good
  • An instant 3-step process to handle a challenging situation (it works!)

Grab your cuppa and join us! David is SO wise, uplifting and fun.



Links and Resources:

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The Anatomy of Peace by the Arbinger Institute

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Quotes by David Taylor-Klaus:

“We’re sort of wired for confirmation bias. We want to be right.” 

“Armour is sexy. Suiting up for battle, that feels good, it looks good.”

“You change your lens, you change your experience. That’s the most powerful tool you have, is your mindset.”

“There is no creativity when you’re stuck, when you’re obsessing, when you’re perseverating.”