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The Juice: What the Wolf Man Said

During the depths of my burnout, when everything I thought gave me value… (my appearance, a somewhat hot body, work successes, C-suite clients) fell away, I had a conversation with my friend Teo Alfero, author and spiritual teacher. Teo runs Wolf Connection, a charity in California, to help struggling youth. As you’d expect, he’s an old soul. “You think you’ve […]

The Juice: I wanna tear that shiz down

I was at my new coaching mastermind. Every hair was in place. We were paired up for a radical honesty exercise. My partner for the next hour started out telling me how impressive I was. My degrees. How polished I was. How clever. My ego was like: Then my partner leaned in and said, “I […]

The Juice: I stole toilet paper…

As a broke grad student, I stole toilet paper from the library. Bad person. When my life fell apart in my twenties, I tolerated a friend’s unwanted advances because I was staying at his apartment, and wasn’t able to pay rent. Gross, weak, voiceless person. I cheated on an ex-husband I’d fallen out of love with – […]

The Juice: Let’s be Energy Jedis…

3 Ways to protect your Energy: 1) Pay attention to your particular warning signs of fatigue and burnout. Then refuel **before** you’re fully empty — like you would with your car, or your phone. Sounds stupid simple, but it’s a game changer. 2) Honor that energy is variable day by day, and hour by hour. Please […]

The Juice: Are you a Hardoholic? Quiz time

Welcome to the Juice. Question: Are you a hardoholic? Erm (*scratches head*). Huh? Do you routinely make things harder than they need to be, thinking the outcome will be better? Do you secretly see nobility in struggle? Do you feel like a slacker if you’re not working ridiculously hard? If something comes too easily, do you […]

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