Your Best-Self Grows Others…

Growing others grows the Self.  Your brightness increases when you light the light in others.  Truth, that.

When we fixate on developing ourselves – as if we’re in need of fixing – it’s easy for not-good-enoughness to creep in.  Then we entertain the host of gremlins, quick to point out our faults with a precision laser pointer.

Ego-driven, self-doubting thoughts cut us off from others.  These thoughts make us lose perspective.  Victim thinking creeps in (I’m hopeless at this; This always happens to me; I always pull the short straw; Typical!).

It’s an Eeyore mindset.

When you feel yourself sliding into me-me-me thinking, like a narcissistic opera singer, change the tune.  Try you-you-you.  Serve somebody.  Help out.  Contribute.  One of the great ironies of self-development is that it works best when you are helping others.