Private Coaching

Courage. Kindness. Leave the rest to karma. Here’s the truth about change: even if you’re terrified, you can still move bravely toward something better. You can own your power and create your reality. It’s my calling to support you throughout this critical process.

“Working with Mandy brings immediate and lasting change in your life.”Zsuzsanna Toth, Switzerland

I’m not an accountability partner or a spiritual guru, and coaching is not a panacea or a candlelit path to healing. I am, however, your champion, your guide, and an unwavering source of light when you step into the unknown. Together, we can help you move from the hustle of empty achievement into the peace of real purpose. It’s time to change your relationship with fear and uncertainty. My mission? To call out your genius and shine a torch on your greatness. I draw on intuition, experience and training to urge you into a deeper state of authenticity. There are no packages and no formulas.

“Inspiring and life changing.” Viv Warner, London

I work with a handful of clients – including investment bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, luxury brand managers, CEOs, screenwriters, and fashion professionals – who are fully committed to investing time, energy and bravery. Results follow.

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“Mandy is the most experienced, most passionate, clever, honest, witty, inventive, gentle and warm guide you can find to take you on a journey of experiencing the life you want to live right now.” Ana Lasić, Slovenia

“I see working with Mandy as a way to create big shifts in how you live life. I highly recommend her to anyone.” Anne Sofie Danekilde, London


Authenticity is the core of personal presence When are you shaping your legacy? Between the 2 pm conference call and a reality-changing diagnosis? After Monday morning Pilates class, but before the Wednesday night partners’ meeting?

“Thought-provoking and highly relevant.” Marina Kilcline, Nestle Purina

My presentations are intended to provoke and inspire. I speak to groups large and small, encouraging people to take robust responsibility for themselves. To stop living by default. To dare, to risk, and to infuse real meaning into their work, which, has the rather excellent ripple effect of creating more productive and engaged teams. Bespoke sessions include workshops, keynote speeches, training sessions, or small team gatherings. We can move seamlessly from light (personal brand, executive presence, professional image) to profound (legacy-shaping and life-building), depending on what your group requires.

“A resounding success.” Selina Lami, Citi

My clients include IBM, Lloyd’s of London, Rothschild, Bulgari, Nestle, Citi, LSE, Chaucer and more.

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“An inspiring event.” Liz Henderson, IBM

“I’d recommend Mandy to anyone – except my competitors.” Emma Kane, Redleaf Polhill

“A roaring success!” Helen Tricard, BNP Paribas

“Fabulous – feedback was unanimous.” Anna Newton, Commerzbank

“Informative, engaging and fun.” George Hancock, Allianz